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Aware NI Sea Splash

Sun 8 Oct 2023

Our team, family & friends were delighted to take part in the Aware NI fundraising Sea Splash at Ballyholme Beach, making waves to support mental health awareness in Northern Ireland. They braved the cold water on Sun 8 Oct – a mix of seasoned swimmer & toe dippers- taking on the challenge to help Aware NI continue providing support to those living with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders.

Aware NI is an NI dedicated mental health charity on a mission to provide crucial support and promote awareness about mental health issues. They offer a wide range of services, from educational programs and workshops to confidential helplines, all aimed at helping individuals and their families cope with the challenges of mental health conditions.

As our Charity of the Year, we’ve set up a dedicated Aware NI fundraising page;

Today, on Wed 10th Oct, we simultaneously celebrate World Mental Health Day; an important day to address mental health openly and underscore its significance. In a constantly bustling world, it’s easy to overlook our mental well-being, yet it is just as crucial as our physical health.

Join us in promoting mental health support and awareness this World Mental Health Day, if you or a friend would like to find out more or would like some extra support, check out how Aware NI can help.

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