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Child Maintenance Law

Relationship breakdowns can be costly, both emotionally and financially. It’s essential that your children don’t miss out on the maintenance and support costs they are owed.

A negotiated settlement between both parties is the best and most cost effective resolution to financial issues. If a settlement cannot be agreed upon, it will be necessary to make an Ancillary Relief application to the Court.

Orders for child maintenance can be made in certain circumstances but normally an application must be made to the Child Support Agency. The Court retains jurisdiction to make orders for child maintenance in certain limited circumstances such as school fees or medical expenses.


Our team of experienced family law solicitors in Belfast, Bangor and throughout Northern Ireland can offer you the following;

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We can assist you in making or defending any necessary applications to the Court or to the Child Support Agency in respect of maintenance and finance for your children.


It’s worth noting that currently we are only able to take on Private Funded work in this area.

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