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Report shows drink and drugs a factor in rising road crash deaths in NI

There has been a rise in fatal road accidents in Northern Ireland in 2019, and a new report shows how alcohol and drug use has become an increasing causal factor in road traffic collisions.

The Fatal and Serious (KSI) Road Traffic Collisions caused by Drink Driving, Northern Ireland 2013-2017 report was commissioned by the Promotions and Outreach Branch, Department for Infrastructure. It looks at the overall trend in drink driving casualties, profiling the age, gender and road user type of the casualties and drivers involved in the collisions.

Some of the headline statistics in our report include:

  • Drink and driving casualty numbers increased 68 per cent from 50 in 2013 to 84 in 2017
  • 91% of drink drivers responsible for collisions were male
  • The age group with the highest incidence of drink driving was the 25-34 year olds with 32%
  • 84% of drink drive KSI casualties were aged 16-49 years old
  • 86% of KSI casualties were car users with 182 car drivers and 99 passengers
  • 52% of Drink driving KSI collisions were recorded between 9pm and 4am with 53% of accidents occurring at the weekend
  • 61% of Drink driving KSI collisions occurred on rural roads with a speed limit of greater than 40 miles per hour
  • 60% of Drink driving KSI collisions involved just one vehicle

While the report specifically looks at the drink and drug use element of road traffic accidents in Northern Ireland, the findings largely echo some of the general statistics about fatalities on our roads, in that accidents are more prominent on rural roads and are much more likely to involve males.

If you have been the victim of a serious road accident you will no doubt be trying to deal with issues including absence from work resulting in loss of earnings, ongoing medical appointments and treatment, possible adjustments to your every day life such as your home or your car, and you may also have lost the capacity to enjoy the quality of life you previously had. Loss of money and new costs as a result of injuries suffered in an accident can be recoverable as compensation.

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