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How does Adoption work in Northern Ireland?

Adoption law can be a complex process in which parental responsibility is transferred.

The two main types of adoption application are by parent or step parent or by a health and social services trust to “free” a child for adoption either with or without parental consent. Once adopted a child is deemed to be the child of the adoptive parents for all legal purposes and has the same rights as a natural child.

How we can help you

We can offer you discreet legal advice, guide you on what your options are, let you know whether you will qualify for legal aid and if not what the cost implications are for you.

If you are a parent, step parent or foster parent thinking of adopting or are contesting an adoption we can represent you and help you process the legal documentation and make the appropriate applications. We can advise you on:

  • Eligibility to adopt
  • Alternatives to adoption should you not be eligible
  • Defending adoption
  • Implications for you and the child as a result of successful adoption

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