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Lottery winner forced to pay £2m to ex-wife

In yet another example of the complicated rules surrounding divorce settlements, a man who won £56million in the Euromillions lottery has been forced to give his ex-wife £2million of his windfall, ten years after she left him for another man.

Nigel Page, who is now re-married, reached an out-of-court settlement with his ex-wife after she tried to sue him for much more, and it is believed to be the first case of its kind. The ability for a partner to come back years after a divorce settlement is not restricted to lottery winners. If there is a split settlement or ongoing maintenance agreement as part of a divorce, in the event of a windfall, the other partner can come back and sue for enough money to be financially comfortable for life. This option is only removed if the divorce involves a one-off lump sum settlement which is intended to be final.

In this instance, when Mr and Mrs Page divorced, Nigel Page bought out his ex-wife’s interest in their home and also entered into a maintenance agreement to support their three year old daughter. The element of the ongoing maintenance agreement left him liable to make a further payment to his ex-wife in the event of coming into new wealth.

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