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Landlord's tenancy pack

A comprehensive tenancy pack that includes all documents that a landlord requires to be compliant with current regulations. Our document pack contains document for the leasing of a house/apartment, or even a single room.

Documents in the pack include the tenancy agreement, inventory of furnishings, roommates agreement, rent book, statement of tenancy, as well as guidelines on completion of the different documents.

£ 29.99

Letter of Wishes

Writing a Will is the best step to ensure that your belongings and assets pass on according to your wishes. In some instances however, there may be some ambiguity in how your Will should be executed, and how executors exercise their discretion might not always please everyone, or be in keeping with your general intentions.

A 'letter of wishes' is not a legal document,...


Lottery Syndicate Agreement

If you take part in a group scheme to play the Lottery it is important to have an agreement entered into by all those involved, to avoid any problems in the event of a win.

Our Lottery Syndicate Agreement is SIMPLE and FREE.



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