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Nurse who won unfair dismissal case sacked again

Dr Sarina Saiger, who won a £115,000 unfair dismissal compensation claim against her previous employers has been sacked again, after just two and a half weeks with her new employer.

In 2008 Dr Saiger, who is of mixed race, won an unfair dismissal case against the North Cumbria trust after being told she was the “wrong colour and culture” for Cumbria. She is now bringing another claim of unfair dismissal against the General Healthcare Group, after being sacked just a fortnight into her new job as regional director of nursing.

Dr Saiger claims that bosses reacted badly to her talking about “unsafe clinical practices” and accusations of patient neglect by the company. She said that she had not made the new employers aware of her previous unfair dismissal case during the interview process, and that once her employers became aware of it they labelled her as a “trouble-maker”. It has also been revealed that one executive director had to apologise to Dr Saiger during a meeting for referring to her in a derogatory way.

The General Healthcare Group say Dr Saiger was dismissed because of a “huge amount of negative feedback” received about her, and what they say was a ‘complete disregard’ for the ideas and decisions of other people.

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