Our family law team is recognised as one of the leading practices in Northern Ireland providing discrete expert guidance and advice to our clients on pre nuptial asset protection and other cohabitation arrangements


Our family law solicitors are expert divorce and family lawyers with years of experience in a full range of family legal matters providing professional and discreet service to individuals, couples, families, business and farm owners across Northern Ireland on pre marriage and cohabitation, pre nuptial agreements and asset protection.

We have a client centred approach with in person, phone or video phone meetings allowing us to act for clients all across Northern Ireland expertly and efficiently in advising clients of the chances of success, the risks involved and on negotiating compromise settlements.

What We Do

  • Pre-nuptial Agreements to be entered into before a marriage or civil partnership
  • Protect your assets in the event of a future breaking down in your relationship
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements to be signed by your intended in the presence of an independent solicitor
  • Property law implications - joint tenant or tenants in common?
  • Contract, business, tax & other relevant law
  • Making Will before or after your marriage or civil partnership?
  • Legal Aid funding assessments

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