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Childrens Issues

Get the best child custody advice

Child custody issues and family disputes are stressful, sensitive issues that need to be resolved in a fast and amicable way, particularly where child welfare is concerned. Are you sure you know your child custody rights?

Our clients commonly face the following child custody law issues:

  • children’s rights
  • child protection laws
  • visitation access/contact issues
  • child custody/residence rights
  • child custody for fathers

And there are many other issues that can affect the positive upbringing of your child and the harmony of your family.


We aim to find the most suitable resolution for you and your family – you’ll be in safe hands. We provide;

  • trained collaborative law solicitors to negotiate with the other party
  • Law Society NI Childrens Order Panel Solicitor
  • negotiations around a table and via phone where the courts aren’t involved – mediation
  • if the negotiations fail – we’re experienced and ready to argue your case in court

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