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Confidence of increasing property prices highest in Northern Ireland

Confidence of increasing property prices highest in Northern Ireland

By Lauren Burns Surveyors in Northern Ireland are the most confident in the whole of the UK that property prices are increasing and will continue to grow, according to the latest... Read more

Northern Ireland road traffic accident statistics

By Gary Adair There have been 34 fatalities as a result of road traffic accidents on Northern Ireland roads in 2018, down from 40 over the same period in 2017 and... Read more

Government consultation to consider introduction of no-fault divorce

By Lenore Rice England and Wales could be moving towards a no-fault divorce system with an announcement expected that a government consultation will consider how to remove “unnecessary antagonism” from the divorce process. The anticipated... Read more

Cohabitation and the law - steps for couples to protect their family

By Lenore Rice Living together, or cohabiting, is on the increase with approximately 3.3m cohabiting couples in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. That equates to one family in... Read more

Case win for Northern Ireland unmarried mother could help 1.2million couples

By Lenore Rice A Northern Ireland woman has won her case before the Supreme Court challenging whether the denial of Widowed Parent's Allowance (WPA) to unmarried partners is incompatible with human... Read more

Wi-fi and smart phones confusing issue of work start and finish times

New research suggests that employees are dealing with work emails outside of office hours so regularly that they should be treated as part of the working day. The study was looking... Read more

A look at the history of the base rate of interest

By Lauren Burns The decision of the Monetary Policy Committee to increase the base rate of interest to 0.75 per cent has been reported in dramatic headlines - 'Only the second... Read more

64 per cent of 25-to-45 year olds expect to receive inheritance

A report by Sanlam UK suggests that 64 per cent of 25-45-year-olds in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK expect to receive an inheritance, and just over a... Read more

Supreme Court Owens decision keeps no-fault divorce in spotlight

By Lenore Rice While the decision of the Supreme Court in the Owens v Owens case was to dismiss the appeal of the wife wanting to divorce her husband, the reluctance... Read more

Damages awarded over mother's second-hand asbestos death

By Gary Adair A landmark case in Scotland has been decided in favour of the family of a mother who died from second-hand exposure to asbestos. William Sweeney had been employed at... Read more