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A look at the history of the base rate of interest

A look at the history of the base rate of interest

By Lauren Burns The decision of the Monetary Policy Committee to increase the base rate of interest to 0.75 per cent has been reported in dramatic headlines - 'Only the second... Read more

64 per cent of 25-to-45 year olds expect to receive inheritance

A report by Sanlam UK suggests that 64 per cent of 25-45-year-olds in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK expect to receive an inheritance, and just over a... Read more

Supreme Court Owens decision keeps no-fault divorce in spotlight

By Lenore Rice While the decision of the Supreme Court in the Owens v Owens case was to dismiss the appeal of the wife wanting to divorce her husband, the reluctance... Read more

Damages awarded over mother's second-hand asbestos death

By Gary Adair A landmark case in Scotland has been decided in favour of the family of a mother who died from second-hand exposure to asbestos. William Sweeney had been employed at... Read more

Northern Ireland commercial property market 'exceptional' in 2018

By Gary Adair The performance of the commercial property market in Northern Ireland in the first half of 2018 has been described as "exceptional" by director at CBRE, David Wright. The five-year... Read more

Stamp duty explained

By Lauren Burns Stamp duty has always been difficult to understand, but has become even more complex in the past few years. Changes were introduced in December 2014 so that different... Read more

Supreme Court overturns decision to increase divorce monthly payments after 16yrs

By Lenore Rice The Supreme Court has overturned a Court of Appeal decision to increase the monthly maintenance payments that were set when a couple divorced 16 years previously. following an... Read more

The 3 most popular misconceptions about the house buying process

By Lauren Burns Over our many years of doing residential property conveyancing in Northern Ireland we have found that clients regularly have the same misconceptions about the house buying process in... Read more

Northern Ireland property sales and prices expected to increase

By Lauren Burns Northern Ireland surveyors expect property sale transaction levels and property prices to increase in the coming months, according to the latest Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and... Read more

Mesh implant surgery curb extended to Northern Ireland

By Gary Adair It has been confirmed that the recently announced pause on the use of surgical mesh for urinary incontinence in England is to be extended to Northern Ireland. Dr Michael... Read more