Couple spend £1.3million in divorce court battle

A divorcing couple has been criticised by three Court of Appeal judges after running up a combined legal bill on divorce solicitors and court proceedings totalling £1.3million.

Mohammed Salim Alyami, aged 40, had been awarded a £450,000 house and a £50,000 lump sum in a previous divorce hearing, but then proceeded to run up a £500,000 legal bill he cannot afford to pay trying to get an increased divorce payout. His wife Nora Ali Mussalam, aged 42, has spent £800,000 on divorce solicitors and legal costs in the dispute.

The couple were married for 10 years before they separated in 2008, having had 3 children aged 9, 11 and 13. Mrs Musallam's father is a multi-billionaire and the court heard how the couple always lived a comfortable lifestyle "funded by the wife's wealthy family". In a previous court hearing Mrs Mussalam was ordered to purchase her ex-husband a £450,000 property and pay him a lump sum of £50,000. Neither of the ex-spouses were happy with that judgment and an expensive legal battle ensued.

The Court of Appeal ruled that the original divorce settlement should be upheld and that there was no merit to Mr Alyami's request for a larger divorce payout.
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