Northern Ireland man tricked wife into divorce

A bizarre case before the Belfast High Court in Northern Ireland involved a wife who was unaware that her husband had divorced her.

The husband, who cannot be named, successfully obtained a divorce at Ballymena County Court by tricking his wife into signing the necessary documents, including a financial settlement that provided almost nothing for her after the separation. The County Antrim man allegedly told his wife that they needed to transfer the house into his sole name as he was under financial investigation. A woman who the husband was seeing arrived at her door to advise the wife that she was actually now divorced. The wife took legal action against her husband and the case went to the Belfast High Court.

The husband and wife disagreed over how long they had been together, with the wife saying the had a co-habiting relationship for 20 years, whereas the husband claims they saw each other briefly, split up, and then reunited 18 years later and were married for a short period of time before separating. Describing the case as one of the most unusual he had heard, the judge ruled that the home be split between the couple 50/50, and that the husbands assets be split 70/30 in favour of the husband.

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