Wealthy witnesses at Young divorce face questioning

By Lenore Rice

A number of high profile wealthy business men will be cross-examined by divorce solicitors acting on behalf of Michelle Young after her ex-husband fails to protect his so-called "friends and sponsors".

The divorce of property and telecoms tycoon Scot Young from his wife Michelle has become one of the most high-profile cases of the year, and the hearing at the end of the month seems set to deliver even further drama.

In support of his story that he had fallen from riches Mr Young claimed that he had relied on the financial help of friends, including owner of Topshop, Sir Philip Green, who is alleged to have paid £80,000 to an estate agent to cover Mr Young's rent. His wife however maintains that her ex-husbands friends have in fact helped him to hide his wealth, and sought to cross-examine the men.

Solicitors acting for Mr Young said the men only provided witness statements and that their evidence should not therefore be challenged, but the judge rejected that argument as "ridiculous" and confirmed that they could be cross-examined. Mr Young has already served time in jail for failing to disclose documentary evidence of payments received from various wealthy friends, and the questions over the extent of his finances have not gone away.

Mr Young is now officially bankrupt, but his ex-wife claims he has hidden £400million in offshore accounts.

This particular divorce case provides an example of the extent that people will go to to conceal the true nature of their wealth, and that the courts will use their power to lift the veil any spouse attempts to cast over their assets. The divorce hearing is scheduled to continue later this month.

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