Divorce more likely among couples who meet online

By Lenore Rice

Married couples who meet online are three times more likely to divorce according to a new study, and also have a bigger chance of separating within the first year.

A study of 4,000 couples carried out by Michigan State University suggest that people who meet online fare worse on a number of factors:

  • They are 28 per cent more likely to separate from their partner in the first year.
  • Their relationship is less likely to result in marriage, with a large tendency towards cohabitation.
  • Those that do marry are three times more likely to divorce.

However, research in this area is fairly new, and another report from the University of Chicago had concluded differently, saying that online relationships were in fact stronger and less likely to result in divorce.

Whether couples who meet online are more prone to divorce is not quite put to rest by this single report, but the he growth of online dating in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK means we will no doubt start to see more of such studies.

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