The truth about Divorce Day and why enquiries increase in January

By Lenore Rice

The very unfortunate name of 'Divorce Day' was coined several years ago and has been used ever since to refer to the first Monday of the New Year, when family law solicitors tend to see an increase in enquiries about divorce.

One of the persisting myths about 'Divorce Day' is that the increase in people contacting divorce solicitors is a result of bad experiences over the Christmas break. While there may be a small number of people who do make their first enquiry about divorce after passing a tension fraught holiday with their spouse and their in-laws, the truth is that most people who contact a divorce lawyer do so after a much longer period of consideration, and quite often after other methods of resolution have been exhausted. The two week time frame between the Christmas holidays and the first Monday of January is too quick a time scale for it to be a genuine cause for someone to instigate a legal separation.

However, divorce enquiries do increase in the first couple of weeks of January, and there are some factors that cause this annual phenomenon. Divorce enquiries tend to dip at the end of November and during December when compared to the other months in the year. It is popularly considered that the reason is that couples who have resolved to split decide to put it on hold until the holiday period has passed, because it is so family orientated and they don't want to cause upset, especially if there are children involved. That means that there is something of a build up of spouses wanting to divorce that eventually then all come together as soon as the holiday period is over.

There is also an element of the New Year resolution, where couples who have had problems previously, and have maybe considered separating on one or more occasions, decide not to let another year pass by together when the relationship has very obviously reached an end. Again, the decision to contact a divorce solicitor will usually not be a sudden occurrence, and will have been reached after a significant period of consideration and attempts at resolution.

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