Making a Will continues to feature on resolution lists

By Lenore Rice

There are a few resolutions that carry over from each year, and will almost certainly find themselves on next year's list as well - one of which is 'Making a Will'.

In the same way that many people will start a gym membership in January and then grimace guiltily at the reoccurring direct debit each month, many people will get in touch with a Will writing solicitor in January asking for information to be sent out so that they can finally get that Will written. For the majority of those people, that will be the closest they get to writing a Will this year, and only a small percentage will actually follow through and write a Will.

Most people understand the need to make a Will and it is a minority that will tell you they don't need one. The difficulty is getting past the difficult first hurdle of having to contemplate not being around forever. That is where most people get stuck, and decide that they are in much too good a mood to start making plans for life after their own death. It is the reason that the statistic remains the same every year that only 30 per cent of adults in Northern Ireland have a Will.

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