7 out of 10 people who died last year had no Will

By Lenore Rice

Seven out of ten people who died last year did not have a Will according to charity Carers Trust.

People who die without a valid Will are said to have died intestate, meaning the Government must apply certain rules to determine how their estate should be divided. Many people assume that the rules of intestacy will pass their assets on in much the same way they would have themselves, but that is not always the case, not to mention that the estate may be liable to pay more inheritance tax.

Divorces, cohabiting, or having children as a result of more than one relationship can complicate how your assets would pass down in the event of you dying without a Will, and with making a Will being relatively inexpensive, there really is no reason to leave it to chance.

Writing a Will is something that most people agree is a good idea, and worth doing. However, it is regularly put off because it is uncomfortable to contemplate your own death, and to consider what will happen to your loved ones, and so most people find an excuse to put it off. People convince themselves they have more time and eventually forget about it. No doubt many of the 70 per cent of people who died last year without a Will thought the same.

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