Why do divorces increase after Christmas?

Each year in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK there is a noticeable increase in the number of divorces in the weeks following Christmas, but what is it about the holiday season that causes many couples to separate?

It should be first made clear that Christmas is often an accelerator to a separation, and not a cause in itself - a stressful time that can expose and deepen the cracks in a relationship. There are a number of factors that put pressure on a couple during the holiday period. 

Many families are under immense economic pressure over Christmas, as presents are purchased and all the other holiday expenses are incurred, very often resulting in the New Year being started in debt. Other couples struggle with spending intense periods of time with the extended family, and divorcing couples often point to a poor relationship with in-laws as a factor. There is generally an increase in the level of alcohol consumed over the holiday period, which often facilitates more fighting between couples. These factors combined can put a lot of pressure on couples, and those who are already struggling are often overcome by the weight of it all and are pushed closer to a separation.

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