Half of divorces occur in first 10 yrs of marriage

A half of all divorces in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK involve couples who have been married ten years or less, according to a new study.

After ten years of marriage, approximately 20 per cent of couples will go on to divorce, and the rate declines with each decade of marriage that passes. Only 2 per cent of couples divorce after 30 years of marriage, and only 0.5 per cent after 40 years.

The report, entitled, 'The Marriage Foundation, What is the divorce rate?', also suggests that the rate of divorce among couples married ten years or longer has not changed since the 1960s. The divorce rate among couples in their first ten years of marriage has actually decreased in recent years, and Harry Benson, Communications Director at The Marriage Foundation, considers that this decrease will continue. He believes modern-day couples are taking more care in forming their relationship, and "clearly making better choices".

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