Legal help to fulfill your New Year's resolutions

A new year is upon us, and according to surveys and polls, over half of us have made some kind of resolution for 2015. As ever, health and finances top the list of things people want to address, but while the resolution is for the year, studies suggest that if we don't act by March, we will let our good intentions slide completely.

Getting finances in order has become an increasingly popular resolution, and now sits firmly with the usual health and fitness related goals we set ourselves at the start of the year. Many resolve to save up for a deposit for a house purchase, others to review the mortgage they have been on for too long to see if they can get a better deal. Or maybe it is finally time to look at inheritance tax planning and write that Will that we know we should sort, but find it very easy to put off.

Some people will resolve to change their family situation after yet another problematic year has passed. Or maybe a separated parent has decided that they should be getting more time with their children this year compared to the last.

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