Survey reveals children's attitudes to their parents divorce

By Lenore Rice

A survey by the family law organisation Resolution reveals some interesting views about divorce by the children of separated parents.

Perhaps surprisingly, 82 per cent of children aged between 14 and 22 when their parents separated consider that it was better that they split up, rather than stay together for the kids. The results of the survey would suggest that children were not so much upset at the fact that their parents divorced, but unhappy with how the separation was handled, and how much input they had.

Over 60 per cent of the children polled felt they were not included in the decision-making process during the divorce, with around a half saying they were not allowed to give any input to the decision on which parent they should live with. The same amount felt that their parents had put their own needs first.

Of particular concern were the findings that 19 per cent sometimes felt that the separation was their fault, and 31 per cent said their parents criticised each other in front of them. The research also suggested that a young person's relationship with their mother and her wider family members improved after a divorce, while the relationship with the father was more likely to deteriorate.

If you are considering a separation or divorce it is important to consider the manner in which you and your partner agree the split, especially if there are children involved. For legal advice from a divorce solicitor in Northern Ireland, call Wilson Nesbitt at 0800 840 1363.