Vet sued over lame horse

Two equestrians from Northern Ireland have contacted their solicitors after they claim a vet breached her contract over a lame horse.

Northern Ireland's event rider Jayne Doherty and her husband called their solicitors in after buying racehorse, Glen Corran, for £186,000 and finding it is now worth £1,000.

The Dohertys' solicitors have contacted British team vet Jenny Hall to advise her that their clients will be suing for compensation due to professional negligence.

According to a writ registered at the High Court in London, event rider Rodney Powell had recommended the horse to the couple in autumn 2003 and said Ms Hall should check the animal over to ensure it was fit.

Ms Hall initially examined Glen Corran in October and November 2003 and she stated that he was lame, due to a severe overreach, and that he also had a heart murmur.

After Ms Hall re-examined the horse in February 2004, she declared that the horse's health was "not likely to prejudice this animal's use for eventing, including three-day eventing to CCI three- and four-star level".

In March, the Dohertys shelled out £186,000 for the horse in March 2004, insuring him with Shearwater.

However, not long after the purchase, various vets have diagnosed Glen Corran as being lame in all four legs and unable to race at the highest professional levels.

The Dohertys have been unable to claim from Shearwater as they had not disclosed a pre-existing condition.

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