Cameras to catch red light roadhogs

Solicitors in Belfast could see fewer people claiming compensation for road traffic accidents if a new scheme of cameras to catch drivers who jump red lights has the desired effect.

Northern Ireland's police force has installed cameras at busy Belfast junctions in order to catch motorists flouting the law, who may be fined £60 and have three penalty points added to their licences.

The high visibility cameras have been installed at five Belfast turnings which have historically seen many accidents as a result of drivers who did not stop at the lights.

Solicitors in Belfast have increasingly seen people who have been involved in accidents due to people ignoring red lights and 91 people have been killed on Northern Ireland's roads already this year.

Assistant Chief Constable of the PSNI, Duncan McCausland, told the Belfast Telegraph: "While one in four of all road deaths are caused by speed, our overall aim is to influence driver behaviour.

"We are not aiming to catch motorists out with these cameras. We hope that they will encourage road users to pay greater attention, obey the traffic signals and consequently, significantly reduce the number of collisions and casualties."

Belfast Solicitors have had over 200 potential clients from crashes at junctions on Great George's Street, College Avenue, Nelson Street, Millfield, and Middlepath Street in the four years to December 2006.

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