Claim spinal condition confused with back pain

A woman has lodged a claim for medical compensation as she believes that doctors negligently confused a serious spinal injury that she was suffering from with back pain.

In May 2011 Debbie Thomason, who suffered from sciatica, was left in extreme pain after sneezing, and she was rushed to hospital. Ms Thomason, aged 35, say doctors failed to diagnosed her with cauda equina syndrome, and that surgery was delayed because they felt she was suffering from back pain. It was eight days before she received surgery, but despite two operations she says she can now barely walk and is practically housebound.

Ms Thomason resigned from her job as a foster mother, and her husband has resigned from his job as a bricklayer to become a full time carer for his wife, as well as a foster parent. She has brought a clinical negligence claim against the hospital.

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