Decision on Belfast vested houses case today

A decision is expected today from the Land Tribunal in respect of the case brought by the Belfast homeowners who had their properties vested by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE).

Under the rules of vesting, the NIHE only has to pay compensation to the property owners in line with the market value of their house. However, as a result of the steep decline in property values in Northern Ireland since 2007, many of the owners of the properties in South Belfast that were vested did not receive enough money to redeem their mortgage. As such, they were left paying off a mortgage on a property they no longer own, and in many cases, that no longer exists - having been knocked down already.

The decision by the Land Tribunal today will have implications for other homeowners who did not form part of this initial case, with 25 people thought to have been affected in the Village area of Belfast. In total, the Department of Social Development plans to vest 600 properties in Belfast as part of a large-scale urban regeneration scheme which would involve the construction of 250 new homes.

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