Company gender pay gap reports reveal extent of the disparity

By Gary Adair

Over 10,000 businesses submitted their reports on employee pay with a view to showing the extent of the gender pay gap, and the results show just how big the problem is that employers need to address.

The gender pay gap does not refer to inequality in the actual wage paid to male and female employees doing the same job, but rather deals with the parity of women and men employed at different levels in businesses in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. The data submitted from the businesses that did meet the midnight deadline on 4th April revealed the following:

  1. Only 14 per cent of companies pay women more than men
  2. 78 per cent of companies pay men more than women
  3. 8 per cent of companies have no gender pay gap at all
  4. Only one in three companies have a majority of women among their top earners. Ryanair has one of the most striking gaps in this regard, with only 8 of their 554 highly-paid pilots being women.
  5. Men are also paid more in bonuses than women. In the finance sector has a 35 per cent gap in bonuses so that women earn 65p for every £1
  6. There is no sector that pays women more than men, with the biggest gap being found in the construction sector while the lowest is in the accommodation and food sector

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