Derry court confusion over identity of accused

A case at Londonderry Magistrates Court in Northern Ireland began with confusion over whether they had the correct man in the dock.

Martin Michael McDonagh was to appear in the court in respect of 10 offences, but when the man in the dock was asked to confirm his name and date of birth he said that he was actually Ned McDonagh, the brother of Martin, and that he had been brought to court by mistake. His defence solicitor said his client had used his brother's details before in 2004, but maintained he was Ned McDonagh.

A police constable said they had used information records to confirm the identity of the accused, in particular with regards to tattoos that Ned McDonagh is known to have, which the man in the dock does not. The police constable added that the Gardai advised that the two brokers look very alike and have used each others details in the past.

Martin McDonagh is being charged with possession of a rifle and hunting knife, dangerous driving, and causing criminal damage to a vehicle. The District Judge refused bail and saying he could not release someone facing serious charges and whose identity was in question.

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