PC argues crash due to ice and not alcohol

An off duty police officer that was two times over the drink-drive limit when he crashed his car, causing the death of his passenger, has told the court that icy conditions were to blame, and not the level of alcohol he had consumed.

PC Brendan Buggie, aged 37, had been drinking in several pubs before offering to drive his girlfriend Justyna Stanczak, aged 26, to her home at approximately midnight on 5th December 2011. He later told police he had drank 6 pints of beer by this point. Mr Buggie lost control of his sports car on a bend and it span and slid across the carriageway. Mr Buggie did not suffer any injuries but Ms Stanczak was unconscious. She died in hospital a few hours later as a result of "massive internal bleeding" and several other wounds.

The prosecuting solicitor asserts that the accident was caused as a result of Mr Buggie driving carelessly under the influence of alcohol. Mr Buggie admits he was over the drink-drive limit, but says he was fit to drive, and that freezing conditions caused him to lose control of the car despite only driving at 40mph. The trial continues.

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