Work drivers take more risks on the road

New research suggests that people who drive as part of their work take more risks on the road than those driving as part of their day-to-day private life.

The survey by Brake and Direct Line revealed that 31% of those who drive as part of their employment text on their phone while driving, 17% apply make-up, shave, or carry out some other form of grooming while driving. The most alarming statistic however, was that 76% admitted that they drive at over 35mph in built up areas, and 54% said they exceeded the 60mph limit on main roads. Of course, non-working drivers admitted to carrying out these practices, but in every instance the percentage was higher among working-drivers.

Working drivers make up 30% of the total traffic on roads in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, and they are 26% more likely to be injured in a crash than those motorists who are driving for non-work purposes.

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