Divorce cash struggle results in jail term

A six month prison term has been handed to property dealer Scot Young by the High Court, who failed to provide details of his finances to explain the disappearance of his previous wealth during his divorce, and for contempt of court.

During his divorce two years ago from his ex-wife Michelle, aged 48, Mr Young, aged 51, claimed that he had lost his £400million fortune and was now penniless. Solicitors for Ms Young contended that her ex-husband was still living an extravagant lifestyle of luxury, despite his claims. Mr Young had requested a further 28 days to answer questions about his finances, but Justice Moor rejected his petition and instead held him to be in contempt of court because of his continued stalling. He said that there had been "a flagrant and deliberate contempt over a very long period of time."

Mr Justice Moor said that a jail sentence was given because a fine or suspended sentence wouldn't be a "sufficient penalty." In the divorce case two years ago Mr Young was ordered to pay maintenance of £27,500, but he has said he does not have the means to pay this. His ex-wife has maintained that Mr Young had "secreted" a large portion of his previous wealth. A trial to hear both arguments will take place later this year.

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