Driver who killed woman requests jail

A 22 year old man who knocked over and killed a young mother told the judge that he wanted to go straight to jail, passing up the possibility of being let out on bail until his sentence date.

Callum Pearce, aged 22, was talking with his girlfriend in the car he was driving when he failed to spot a red light, drove through, and knocked down 34 year-old Helen Naylor. Mrs Naylor died in the hospital the next day, survived by her husband and two-year-old daughter. Mr Pearce admitted causing death by dangerous driving, and driving without insurance, and was sentenced by the Manchester Crown Court to 13 months in jail. Mr Pearce had already asked the judge to send him to prison before the sentence was given, and he was sent to Strangeways rather than be released on bail.

Mr Pearce was driving at 28mph at the time of the collision, within the speed limit, but didn't have time to stop. Judge Martin Steiger QC called the defendant's behaviour in wanting immediate imprisonment "unusual" and "unprecedented", and said the accident was not down to speed, but to "ill-attention".

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