Footballer was drink-driving while his team played

By Neil Logan

Stephane Sessegnon, a 29-year-old footballer with Premier League team Sunderland has been charged with drink driving.

Mr Sessegnon, who is from Benin, is not the first foreign professional footballer to be charged with a motoring offence in recent months, though admittedly other offences involving Premier League players have largely involved confusion over foreign licences, lack of insurance, or speeding.

That Mr Sessegnon was charged with a drink driving offence is not likely to go down well with his employers, considering that his team was actually playing at the time he was caught drink driving.

Motorists who drink and drive face penalty points and a fine, and for many it can have a further reaching affect in terms of their employment. Getting those last points that result in a ban can be make it almost impossible for some people to travel to their work, or go about their daily duties if transport is an essential element.

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