Losing someone else's hair in your divorce

By Lenore Rice

Divorce settlements are regularly referred to in terms of severity - just how much does the arrangement push a previously wealthy person down into poverty - did they lose their shirt? What about losing someone else's hair - that sounds like one bad divorce settlement, and it is exactly what has happened to a famous singer.

Dan Auerbach, singer for the Black Keys, must hand over a lock of Bob Dylan's hair to his ex-wife as part of their divorce settlement, according to website TMZ. There is also the small matter of £3.2million, the family car, and one of the family homes, but it is the lock of Bob Dylan's hair that is getting all the media attention, and while it rings like an amusing anecdote, it does contain an important lesson for all married couples.

Divorce settlements aren't always about handing over something your partner wants - it sometimes just comes down to handing over things of value. That collection of rare Star Trek figures that bothered your wife throughout your marriage could still be on her wish-list as part of the divorce settlement if the value is right. The court could order you to sell your antique car that you painstakingly restored from a wreck to fund the divorce settlement that your wife has been awarded, if the disposable cash isn't there to cover it.

Couples can enter into agreements before a marriage to put certain items off limits, including large things like a family business. There are also some things that can be done during a marriage to protect certain assets.

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