Facebook used as evidence of infidelity in third of divorces

By Lenore Rice

A partner's use of Facebook is cited in a third of all divorce cases in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, according to research, and is helping family law solicitors establish infidelity or other inappropriate behaviour.

Many people are unaware of their privacy settings for their Facebook account, and just how much information is collected. Pictures are often geo-tagged and time recorded so it is possible for solicitors in a divorce case to provide evidence of an infidelity and otherwise track their lives and expenditures. People regularly post messages about new purchases or holidays that they were perhaps attempting to conceal from their ex-partner during their divorce, and other behaviour can sometimes be shown to demonstrate a lack of credibility when it comes to their finances or other matters.

In more simple cases, messages to and from another person on Facebook are submitted as evidence of inappropriate behaviour, and spouses are particularly on alert when their other half starts exchanging messages with a previous partner.

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