'Lower house prices mean lower divorce rates'

A reduction in the value of properties may mean a slowing in the level of divorces taking place in Britain and Northern Ireland, according to a new survey.

Savills Research found over the past ten years, peaks in the rate of house price growth tallied with a rise in the divorce rate.

Lucian Cook, director of Savills Research, explained the differences in divorce rates between parties may falter because couples will believe they have less money to finance a split.

He added: "We forecast that the current falls in property prices - unwelcome and uncomfortable for the majority - will result in fewer divorces, even allowing for the overriding downward trend in the UK's divorce rate."

In contrast, the Times has reported that more of America's super-rich are consulting solicitors to secure a divorce in the face of the credit crunch.

New York lawyer Raoul Felder told the Times his caseload has increased from 250 to 300 in the last year.

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