Civil partnership split warning

People considering entering into a civil partnership in Northern Ireland should consult solicitors and plan carefully before taking the vows, it has been advised.

According to the Law Society, entering into a civil partnership invalidates any existing will so both partners will need to consult solicitors in Northern Ireland in order to ensure that their property is distributed as they wish.

The Law Society found that 42 per cent of people who are divorced, widowed or separated have either never had a will or not updated it since the loss of their partner.

Civil partnership couples where one partner is wealthier than the other may wish to consider a pre-nuptial agreement as courts are more often splitting assets 50/50 between parties.

Pre-nuptial agreements may help solicitors to negotiate between parties in Northern Ireland and achieve settlements that please both sides.

The first civil partnership ceremony for a gay couple in the UK was between two Northern Ireland women in Belfast.

An equivalent of a divorce for civil partnership couples is a "dissolution order".

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