Fewer people in Northern Ireland have a Will

When it comes to writing a Will there is a general reluctance among adults in the UK, and particularly among those living in Northern Ireland.

Various surveys have been carried out on the number of adults in the UK who do not have a Will, with the results generally ranging between 60 to 70 per cent. When broken down into regions, a number of surveys have suggested that less adults in Northern Ireland have a Will, with one survey by Will Aid for example, calculating that just 32.5 per cent of adults in Northern Ireland have written a Will - the lowest percentage among all the regions of the UK.

The arrival of children and the purchase of a first property are among the main factors that motivate adults to consider making a Will, but even then, the percentage of those who do is very low. It is estimated that approximately 70 per cent of parents do not have a Will. Similarly, other people with a particular need to write a Will, such as co-habiting couples and divorced couples, are still unlikely to make the step to make one.

Among the most popular reasons cited for the reluctance among UK adults to make a Will are that people don't want to dwell on their own passing, and also that there are some common misconceptions that everything will just automatically pass to their family in the same way that they would want it to anyway.

Making a Will is relatively inexpensive, but the cost of not having one can be considerable, with some estates having to pay out more on inheritance tax, and also families being torn apart by feuds over 'promises' and 'understandings' of who would get what.

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