Parents resist inheritance for children fearing divorce

New research by Rensburg Sheppards suggests that a third of parents are concerned about leaving an inheritance of money to children who are married, fearing that they might get divorced and their spouses could end up with a large portion; one in four of the parents were doubtful that their children's marriages would last.

An overwhelming majority of the parents surveyed (72%) said they would be keen to see pre-nuptial agreements giving legislative backing in the UK so that they could make gifts to their children without fearing how they would be divided up in the event of a divorce.

Nick Gartland, senior financial planning director at Rensburg Sheppards, said: "Given the UK's high divorce rate it's understandable that many parents are pessimistic about how their own kids' marriages will turn out."

"Parents may often be reluctant to interfere in their children's choice of partner for fear of causing a family rift, yet their concerns are more likely to be expressed by putting off gifting assets to their children or conducting any inheritance planning."

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