Tory candidates call for immediate inheritance tax cut

6 in 10 Tory candidates say they want their party to implement an increase in the inheritance tax threshold to £1 million as soon as possible if they should win the election.

The move would cost the government £1.5 billion a year at a time when it need to generate as much revenue as possible, and as yet, the leadership of the party has not committed to a timetable to deliver on the pledge to cut inheritance tax, other than to say it would happen in their first parliament.

Quizzed on how the Government deficit should be brought under control, most candidates said they favoured spending cuts over tax rises. Other areas covered in the poll revealed a consensus on the need for a tough stance on immigration and a rethink on the role of the European Union, with 75% of candidates saying renegotiating our position with the EU was a matter of priority.

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