Consumers urged to reduce their own tax burden

Consumers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK have been advised not to wait for budget handouts, but to take financial improvement action by contacting an independent financial adviser (IFA) or a solicitor.

This recommendation has been made by professional advice website, which has published data showing that only 16 per cent of UK adults feel their tax burden is "fair".

In spite of this, some 81 per cent say they have not taken any measures to reduce the amount of tax they pay this year, while more than one in four (26 per cent) expect to part with more money than they did last year.

However, according to David Elms, the chief executive of, people should not feel powerless to reduce their taxes because "there are so many ways to make a difference".

"Seeking independent financial advice is the first step to taking control of your tax efficient financial planning," he said.

While IFAs can assess an individual's entire financial position, solicitors can help with issues such as inheritance tax management, ensuring consumers are tax efficient.
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