New inheritance tax bill to be introduced

Lord Lester of Herne Hill is to introduce an inheritance tax bill intended to protect the rights of those who live together but who are not married or in civil partnerships.

The politician has announced that the private bill will be brought before parliament in the autumn.

He has been involved in similar family law provisions affecting people in Northern Ireland before and helped to formulate the acts on civil partnerships and forced marriage.

According to Family Law Week, the proposed bill will concentrate on the rights of unmarried couples but it is also hoped that the changes could extend to co-dependents, such as siblings living in the same house.

Lord Lester commented: "It is a scandal in modern Britain that existing law does almost nothing to prevent such people from losing their home or sliding into poverty if their relationship breaks down or their partner dies."

Writing in the Observer, Jill Insley called the current legislation cruel and ludicrous, and has described Lord Lester as "a voice of reason".

Last week, MP Frank Field's suggested amendment to the finance bill which would have seen relatives living together for more than a decade exempt from tax on their inheritance was rejected.

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