Government to produce Taxpayers' Charter

After solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland have seen many clients complaining that they don't understand their tax obligations and tax forms, the government has announced a new Taxpayers' Charter will be published.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has announced the launch of a consultation on developing a Taxpayers' Charter, which hopefully means that solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland will see their clients understanding a bit more about tax.

The Charter will explain taxpayer rights and responsibilities in one document, which is designed to be accessible to everyone, whereas previously it seemed only solicitors and accountants were able to untangle tax laws.

People in Belfast and Northern Ireland have been complaining that tax forms are too difficult to understand, which is why they have either had to ask for help from solicitors or have missed the deadlines for self-assessment.

Announcing the move, financial secretary to the treasury, Jane Kennedy, said: "The government is committed to ensuring that the tax system is useable and accessible and a Taxpayers' Charter will provide a good reference point for taxpayers.

"The further powers consultations are also another step towards a modern framework of law and practice for both HMRC powers and taxpayers safeguards, which will ultimately provide greater consistency across taxes and make HMRC more efficient and effective."

The deadline for submitting comments on the consultation documents is March 6th 2008.

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