Northern Ireland man had 133 Motoring Offences on his record

Samuel Nicholl aged 52 appeared in Belfast Crown Court charged with driving while disqualified and driving without insurance. Judge Gemma Loughran sentenced Mr Nicholl to 11 months, suspended for three years, six penalty points and a £250 fine after noting that he already had 133 driving offences on his record. The Judge said she had never seen a worse record.

Mr Nicholl was arrested in East Belfast after being followed by police who noticed him shielding his face from them. He pleaded guilty to the charges. Nicholl is currently serving a prison sentence for a similar offence which he was sentenced for in December.

Commenting on the story road traffic offences solicitor Gary Adair said:

"One of the main factors in deciding what sentence a judge will impose is the criminal record of the accused. The greater the number of similar offences the higher the sentence someone convicted is likely to receive. Other key factors the Judge will consider are the stage at which the accused pleaded guilty and the circumstances in which the offence took place and of the offender."

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