Survey shows dangerous driving practices in Northern Ireland

A high percentage of drivers admitted they have driven in attire considered to be potentially dangerous according to a survey by, with  27% of male motorists and 39% of female motorists admitted having driven in flip-flops, and over 20% said they had driven barefoot.  High percentages also said they had driven in slippers or high heels.

The survey sampled 2,000 drivers and found that 19% of all 25 to 34-year-old consider their own driving habits are risky.  In addition to clothing the survey found almost half of all drivers had eaten at the wheel and 47% of men (18% of women) look at other drivers to see if they are attractive.

The deputy chief executive at road safety charity Brake, Julie Townsend, described the behaviours highlighted in the survey as “deeply worrying”.

Commenting on the story Northern Ireland criminal solicitor Gary Adair said:

“In the event a motorist is found to have been driving dangerously, carelessly or without due care and attention he or she may face criminal prosecution.  Driving practices considered to be dangerous could increase the likelihood of such a prosecution.

“In the event a motorist receives a summons for a road traffic offence they should contact one of our expert motoring solicitors immediately in order to discuss the case.”

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