NI musician on dangerous driving charge

Northern Ireland musician Duke Special - real name Peter Wilson, has appeared in Dundalk District Court on a charge of dangerous driving.

It is alleged that Mr Wilson was driving dangerously on the M1 motorway at Gibbstown on 22nd August. The case has been adjourned and an application by Mr Wilson's solicitor for legal aid was rejected, with Judge Flann Brennan saying that he did not grant legal aid for driving offences. His solicitor expressed concern that a driving conviction could hinder Mr Wilson's ability to travel around, which is an essential part of his profession.

Northern Ireland motorists who depend heavily on their ability to drive to facilitate their job should take note of this case. Such people are likely to spend more hours on the roads, and urgency to arrive for appointments or other engagements can perhaps encourage them to drive in a manner that they wouldn't ordinarily do. However, a conviction for dangerous driving or speeding will most likely result in penalty points, and in some cases, the temporary loss of a drivers license altogether.

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