People 'often looking to move' because of neighbours

A number of people have recently looked to move to a new property because they find their neighbours to be annoying, new research suggests.

In the past two-year period, figures published by Abbey Mortgages show that as many as 95,000 UK householders have opted for this course of action due to the people who live near them.

Meanwhile, the firm believes that the desire to ascend the property ladder has given nearly 217,000 consumers the impetus to move somewhere new.

Abbey Mortgages director Nici Audhlam-Gardiner suggests that there are a number of factors influencing people when it comes to moving home.

She said: "People are still moving for positive reasons such as the desire to move up the property ladder or as a result of their dream home coming on to the market."

Homeowners in Northern Ireland and across the UK may also be interested to note that the Council of Mortgage Lenders has claimed that gross mortgage lending stood at £13.5 billion in October.
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