Tax evasion informants payments on the rise

HMRC has paid out over £1m to tax informants in Northern Ireland and the UK over the last number of years to informants providing information on anyone evading tax.  These payments are made at HMRC’s discretion and depend on the value of the information supplied and the end result.

Informers often include former business partners, spouses, neighbours and employees but anyone with knowledge of an evaders misdemeanours can contact HMRC’s confidential telephone line with the assurance that their identity will be kept under wraps with the exception of certain legal proceedings.

Liam Coulter, head of tax at Wilson Nesbitt Solicitors commented “anyone who is evading tax in today’s climate is under an increasing risk of being discovered.  HMRC appear to be providing more resources to catch these tax dodgers and members of the public are an increasingly used resource.  Anyone in this situation should always be encouraged to come clean and contact HMRC as this will often result in lower tax penalties being charged.”  

Wilson Nesbitt Solicitors based in Belfast, Northern Ireland can assist tax evaders get their tax affairs up to date and therefore reduce HMRC penalties.  If you need to talk with one of our tax advisors please contact us by calling 0800 840 9288.

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