New Years resolutions more finance orientated

The past couple of years have seen a change to the most popular New Years resolutions made by people in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

While dieting, exercise and other old favourites are still mentioned, an increasing number of people are making resolutions that reflect a growing concern about their financial well-being, employment, and property situation. 

Taking control of finances now features among the top resolutions made by people in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. For some, that amounts to spending less, for others it is reviewing their current mortgage deal to see if they could be saving money by remortgaging, and for first-time buyers it is about gathering money for a deposit in order to get their foot on the property ladder.

Other people cite the need to take a proper look at their plans for retirement, including looking at making a Will, taking advice on tax planning, inheritance tax, and gifting. Other resolutions include trying to reduce the amount of stress at work, and working less over-time.

Surveys show that resolutions that are not acted on by the end of February are most likely left to remain undone and to appear again on next year's resolutions list. If you are considering a remortgage, house purchase, or want advice on making a Will, tax planning, or any other legal matter, contact Wilson Nesbitt solicitors in Belfast today by calling 0800 840 9292.