Woman steals £120,000 from great uncles account

A woman who was put in a position of trust with access to her 84-year-old Great Uncle's life savings admitted to embezzling just under £120,000 to fund her gambling addiction.

Franciso Barerra was living in a nursing home when access to his finances was granted to Karen Moore. At the time of his death, three months before the case of Ms Moore was heard, he was in debt to the nursing home for a five figure sum. Ms Moore went to the police office in April of last year to confess to the embezzlement, and Mr Barerra was questioned by police. He told police he was shocked the theft, saying Ms Moore was like a daughter to him. He expressed that he did not want his great niece charged. She was instructed not to approach Mr Barerra during the investigation and was therefore unable to be with him at the time of his passing.

In total, £119,678.44 was embezzled from his account, and after personally paying back money into the account, there is now a deficit of £50,000. The beneficiaries of Mr Barerra's Will say they do not want the money back, and the Judge has asked to see a copy of the Will to assess how much has been lost before Ms Moore appears in court again this month.

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