Survey shows support for new learner driver rules

A survey carried out by road safety charity Brake and Direct Line suggests that 84 per cent of drivers would support the introduction of a minimum learning period for new drivers.

Of the 1,000 motorists surveyed, the overwhelming majority (70 per cent) were also in favour of a zero-tolerance drink drive limit for new drivers, and 88 per cent agreed with the need for a minimum number of hours of supervised driving before the test can be taken.

Interestingly, there was also majority support for the measures among the under 25s that were surveyed, with 69% agreeing on the need for a minimum learning period, and 63% supporting a zero-tolerance drink drive limit.

Brake is calling for the introduction of stricter rules for learner drivers and newly qualified drivers in a bid to tackle the disproportionately high number of fatal road traffic accidents involving drivers people aged 15 to 24. Young drivers only account for one eighth of all licensed drivers, yet are involved in one fifth of crashes that result in death or serious injury. Based on models of graduated driver licensing introduced in other countries, it is estimated that the measures outlined could save 200 lives each year and prevent thousands of injuries.

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